5 Ways to Avoid Laundry Disasters

Do you approach your laundry chores with a certain kind of dread? Are you one of those people who get a sick, queasy feeling when you start thinking about doing your laundry? Maybe it’s that same uneasy feeling that you get when you watch the presidential debates? Ahh. It’s clear now, right? We can’t help you much with your election choices, but when it comes to doing your laundry, we have all kinds of great tips for avoiding laundry disasters. Here are five that we would like to pass along.

1. Read the labels. Manufacturers add labels to many of their clothes because they want to give you the best directions for keeping them looking their best. Unfortunately, they can’t help you unless you read the directions. That tiny label might be hard to read sometimes, but it can make the difference between clean, beautiful clothes, and a wash day disaster. That label gives good directions on what cycle and temperature to wash your clothes on as well as whether they can be tumble dried or not.

2. Separate your clothes. Don’t be tempted to throw all of your clothes into the wash together. Turning all of your clothing the same color of pink might be a great college prank, but it’s no fun outside of the ivy-covered halls. Separate whites, darks, colors, and delicates. Further, new clothes should also be washed separately to keep them from bleeding their dyes.

3. Pre-treat stains. Stains can usually be removed effectively if they are pre-treated promptly and properly.

4. Keep clothes looking better for longer. Adding a detergent booster will not only keep your whites whiter, but your colors more colorful and keep both longer. It’s also a good idea to turn your new clothes–especially jeans and wool items–inside-out to keep them from losing dye or going bubbly on you.

5. Dry your laundry properly. If your dryer has a tumble-dry function, use it. But also be aware that certain items may be too delicate to even tumble-dry. Wool can also shrink in a dryer. The safest way to dry your clothes is to hang them up immediately, allowing them to dry and air adequately. You will get your best result by hanging your clothes on a line. Besides, it’s more environmentally friendly too.

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