Laundry Care Symbols Demystified: Wash Day Hieroglyphics Made Easy




If the next time you do laundry you end up cursing yourself because you never took that class in hieroglyphics, don’t stress. First, those little symbols that you find all over the labels of your clothes aren’t ancient messages from the Egyptian pharaohs. Instead, they are encrypted messages from the makers of your clothes that tell you how to aufblasbar best treat your fabrics. Either way, if they might as well be Greek to you, fear not. This article will serve as your “pointee-talkee” for getting help from laundromat scholars.

Kicking the Bucket. One common symbol on clothes is a cross section of a bucket. This generally means that the item is washable, but with certain conditions regarding temperature, cycle, and other. When the bucket has one dot inside of it, wash it in cool or cold water. With two dots, use warm water. With three, use hot water. A bucket without a line under it means to wash normally. One line under the bucket means permanent press. Two lines under the bucket mean to wash with delicates. If the bucket has either an “X” through it or hand in it, do not wash the item.

Triangles. Triangles indicate the use of bleach. A clear triangle indicates bleach when needed. A triangle with diagonal lines through it means to use non-chlorine bleach as needed. A triangle that is black and has an X through it means not to bleach the item.

Squares with Circles. Symbols that show a circle inside of a square indicates tumble drying. When the circle is filled in, you can tumble dry with no heat. With one dot inside the circle, use low heat. With two dots in the circle, use medium heat. With three dots in the circle, use high heat. With no dots, use any heat. With a circle alone in the square, use the normal cycle. With one line, use the permanent press cycle. With two lines, use delicate or gentle cycle. If the symbol has an X through it, do not tumble dry the item.

Lone Square. Lone squares indicate the drying. A square with a lip on the top indicates to line dry the item. A square with three vertical lines in it indicates to drip dry. A square with a horizontal line in it indicates to flat dry the item. A square with two diagonal lines in it means to line dry in the shade. An X through an empty box means do not dry. A symbol that looks like a cloth being wrung with an X through it means to not wring the item.

Irons. An iron symbol is the ironing instructions. An iron with one dot means to iron on low temperatures. An iron with two dots in it means medium temperatures. And an iron with three dots means high temperatures. An iron that looks like it is jetting steam out the bottom with an X across it means to not use steam.

Circles. An open circle means to dry clean the item. A circle with an X through it means not to dry clean the item.

If all of this is still another language to you, contact the Laundry Center of NYC. They not only speak fluent laundry, but they pick up and deliver for free as well.